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 Fleur Isabelle Weasley

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Fleur Weasley

Fleur Weasley

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Fleur (Delacour) Weasley
Status: Married to Bill Weasley
Blood Status: Pureblood 1/2 Veela

Fleur Delacour was the Beauxbatons champion for the 1994 - 1995 Triwizard Tournament. Boys (and grown men) find her extremely attractive, but girls -- particularly Hermione and Ginny -- are usually a bit less than taken with her. She is conscious of her beauty and her power over men; this is at least in part because of her Veela heritage.

Fleur took a part-time job at Gringotts in London (summer 1995) to improve her English. She dated Bill Weasley for about a year before they became engaged during the summer of 1996.

When Harry came to stay with the Weasleys the summer of 1996, he discovered that Fleur was also visiting so she could get to know her future in-laws better. At first, the visit had mixed results: Ron was still dumbstruck around her, but her superciliousness grated on Molly and Ginny. However, months later, when Bill was mauled by the werewolf Fenrir Greyback Fleur surprised everyone by standing by him and reaffirming that she wished to marry him "I am good-looking enough for both of us, I theenk!" .

The wedding took place at the Burrow on August 1, 1997 , the same day that the Ministry of Magic fell to the Death Eaters. Bill and Fleur moved to Shell Cottage, where they harbored a number of fugitives and victims of the Death Eaters .
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Fleur Isabelle Weasley
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